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"Grethe", 65 --

Grethe (name changed) is a woman of 65 years who began to notice signs of osteoarthritis when she was only in the 50s.

When you first felt something for your arthritis and how?

"It started with that I had a dormant feeling in 3 fingers on right hand. Initially I found it off that I had probably been wrong or had overwrought me. But since there was no improvement after a 1 / 2 years, I contacted my doctor. There it was found that it was I had osteoarthritis in her fingers. There were found the major changes in my course, just my ledbrusk somewhat rundown and it was that which gave me s

Has the disease progressed?

'Yes, it has it. In a few years there were not many changes. It went a bit up and down with pain and function in the finger joints. When I was in the 30s, I experienced a car accident where I incur my Whiplash. It had for many years given me time to show pain, but now began to have persistent pain and slightly reduced movement in my neck.
I was really bad with my arthritis in 98-99 and in first half of 2000. The pain was strong and I was very weak in my part, dared not promise much and made me generally not much outside the home. I was sometimes difficult just to wipe the dust. It was often that I could have hurt for days afterwards. My gout is now in several fingers on both hands. And probably several other places, for I have sometimes vicious

Is there any thing which may provoke or relieve gout?

'Sometimes I think that it can be exacerbated when it is cold, but I have always had a tendency to cold hands and feet, so I have not conferred on the great attention. It is clearly worse, wipe the dust than to wash the floor. All the small movements and lift small objects, it is a big effort, but it must of course. "

Has it changed much in your life?

"Yes, partly. I try at times to push it a little away, the family must also have space. But it has been painful, it is difficult to completely shut down by order. Additionally, I am probably not as socially active more, as I have been. It is not the big companies noon Monday put up with, it requires too much. When I have a good time without too much pain, so fortunately I quickly forget the bad times.

You suffer from other diseases or are there other diseases in the family?

'Nay, I fail nothing else and I have been checked for osteoporosis (brittle bones) several times. That part of my mother is. "

What makes you and what have you done?

'The first I had done was to switch all the plumbing in the house. I could not use it we had without getting hurt. I have replaced all my knives, pans and pots. And I have acquired my special handles for drejelåg, but I must nevertheless ask my husband for help in between, especially when I have a bad period. I also bought some supports for my hands. I try to use them as little s
Every day I go for long walks with my dogs. I go to football with my chiropractor, who is also gout doctor, where I have been given a program specifically for me.
I go to reflexology, massage and Mensendieck.
We are also trying to live as healthy as we can without it becoming too boring. "

Take some medicine?

'Yes, I get some medicine, but not for my rheumatism. I use just anything Felder or Ibutop cream when it is really bad. For my arthritis, I take only health food preparations. I take a product which we unfortunately can not drive here in Denmark. Glucosamine, some substances that should be in stages. I really marks a difference. So, I take fish oil capsules, multi vitamin, strong C-vitamins, calcium tablets with D and Vitamin K
There is a clear difference when I take my preparations, and when I do not take them. "

Is there anything you absolutely have had to stop doing because of your arthritis?

'Yes. (slight laughter) I promise not around the children - think if I suddenly became weak and lost them! Even if you have gout, you may well have a nice life! "

"Tina," 29 years - chronic rheumatic children

Tina is a young woman of 29 years who received her diagnosis chronic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (kron. children ledegigt) when she was about 1 1 / 2 years.

How discovered that you had gout?

I drew on my right leg. Right soon found rheumatic factors in my blood. I actually worked very well most of my childhood. I was operated a few times and the first time when I was 3-4 years. A knæoperation, which unfortunately did not go particularly well. I later received a knee replacements in the knees too.
When I was 9 years my parents were divorced and broke gout very violently out. From one day to the second I got to lie in the fetal position. I was subsequently hospitalized for 2 months when I was in the stretch. A horrible experience. I was medically treated with prednisolone, an adrenal cortical hormones preparation. The treatment resulted in that I got moon face and thin arms and legs (side effects of prednisolonbe

How developed are your gout?

It spread gradually to the major joints. I was operated a few times. I have a new hip, new knees, which have been operated on several times, both my Folded has been stiff and I have had a cosmetic surgery on my jaw.

Do you use any aids?

I have a wheelchair which I use as a relief. On bad days, I used my one krykstok. But rarely, when I saw burdening my arms too much. So I try to avoid it.

Take some medicine?

Yes, I take voltar Retard prevention.
What do you when you have pain or there is activity in your illness?
I visualizes much would imagine that the pain has a color and slow can I get the color to change character. Resting, healthy living, strength trainer and fills my life with quality of life thing. So I am glad every day that is gone / come. It works incredibly well for me.

Are you?

I just stopped at the university. I would like an incredibly sheltered jobs, 15-20 hours a week and preferably in a hotel reception.

Is it hard to get on with his' adult 'when you have gout?

Yes, safe for anyone. But most have partners who are actually healthy. Who else should bear the heavy stuff! (laughter) Sexually, then find the only alternative posts. It has also required even if you have gout. We have Association ( made a list of these alternative positions. We also have a booth at the fair Rehab in Fredericia, where we indicate sex toys and so on. It remains a taboo subject, but we try to a
I try to live so much in the present as I can.

Your life with your gout

Although it is a chronic disease, we can well learn to live and live well with it!

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