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Symptoms of spinalstenose

  • Pain in the legs in relation to time.

  • Tired and heavy legs after a short time.

  • None genes in the sitting position.

  • Steering Trouble in the legs - difficult to get them to obey.

  • Sensory disturbance in the legs, tingling sensations in his feet.

The number of elderly people who have problems with their backs, are increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, few have made a correct diagnosis and in treatment. And it is a shame, since a large proportion of these elderly people can be helped with a relatively simple surgical procedure - with better mobility and more quality of life to follow.

The vast majority of the back problems that we see in older people, due to age change. More and more older people will have problems because we generally today are living longer. One of the most common back problems among the elderly is called "spinal stenosis" and reflects a narrow rygmarvskanal, due to osteoarthritis of the small part of anterograde, moving forward. In addition thickening of the ligaments, which is in the spine.

Spinal stenosis gives some characteristic symptoms in the legs - such as pain and feel disturbances as well as increasing problems with walking. Patients with spinal stenosis is simply not able to go more than a few hundred meters before the pain sets in, and your legs feel like heavy concrete blocks. These symptoms obviously gives big problems in the elderly everyday.

With a little loving expression is called also the problem of "window looking syndrome '. Who has not often seen an elderly gentleman totter along the sidewalk and to stop, while he seems interested student exhibition in a shop window - like on the lower shelves? The interest is due probably closer to the heavy and painful leg forcing him to stop, and if he so even leans a little on top, giving it a little more relief in the back and legs.

We lag behind in Denmark

The growing number of elderly people with back problems is a trend that we see everywhere in the Western world - and in the United States, the number rygoperationer to the elderly over 70 years has grown explosively in recent years. The most common operation in the United States in people over 60 years is precisely spinal stenosis. It is estimated that in the U.S. per. 100,000 inhabitants operated between 30 and 132 per. year.

Unfortunately, we must admit that we here at home lags behind. Approximately 1,200 people a year are operated on for spinal stenosis in Denmark, but a good bid would be for up to three times as many should have the same offer. Too many are simply not diagnosed, and therefore not treated.

The failure diagnosis due to lack of knowledge of the diagnosis - both among patients and practitioners. Nevertheless, the diagnosis has been known for many years and made initially at any time, inconvenience and pain in the legs when you go. If the suspicion of spinal stenosis occurs, your doctor will probably first examine whether the pain caused by poor blood circulation in the legs, as this may cause similar symptoms. Can this be excluded, will be referred for further

Earlier Monday made an X-ray, which was carried out as a contrast study, which injected contrast fluid into rygmarvssækken. But today the investigation may be easily and painlessly in a MRI scanner.

If the scan confirms that there is a spinal stenosis, is the only treatment option operation. Training and Physiological treatment has no lasting effect.

Simple interventions with good results

The treatment of spinal stenosis is extremely effective. This is a relatively simple intervention, and personally, I've done more than a thousand operations on elderly people with this disorder.

During the operation removed the bone and connective tissue that is causing the bad space in rygmarvskanalen. Sometimes this is combined with a stivgørende operation, which attaches bone in the joints between the vertebrae, which are the subject of spinal stone Osen. This will stabilize the starch and make the area and thus reduce the risk that the stone Osen returns, while reducing the risk of lower back pain.

In patients where medical history, objective examination and X-ray is consistent with the diagnosis, the success rate of surgery at about 80-85 percent. For more than eight out of ten cases, the symptoms of the legs thus be significantly reduced or completely disappear.

There is no need to find themselves in the genes that causes spinal stenosis - even if they have reached 70 years or more. It is never too late to be treated. So have pain in my legs and loins, when you go, and they feel as concrete blocks, is only one thing to do: Contact your doctor and ask to get an MRI scan of the spine.

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