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Definition and causes

Spoleormenascaris lumbricoidesaffects millions of people worldwide and is rarely a serious illness. In Denmark, the disease is more rare, but some people are believed to carry around worm without knowing it.

Eggs from spoleormen is very resistant and can survive in soil for a long time. People infected, if you take jordrester with eggs through the mouth, which most often caused by poor hygiene. When the eggs back in the intestinal tract, hatched them. With the blood, they are transported to the lungs. It hosted the up, and swallowed again. The adult worms down in the gut. The worm is about. 20-30 cm long.

Symptoms of spoleorm

After ingestion of spoleormen it takes between 2 and 3 months before the worm finally themselves in the intestine. Because of the somewhat spøjse route through the body, activate the immune system and is often seen there asthma - like symptoms in a few days. These are usually:

  • Fever.

  • Cough.

  • Shortness of breath.

The adult worms rarely gives problems in the intestinal tract, but since there may exist a large number of worms, they can almost cubicle intestine with very sharp pain to follow.

Select and complications

The forecast is good is generally good, and in most cases, the worm can be eradicated with a slow urine.

In rare cases, a full aflukning of the gut cause that must be operated to rectify this situation. Aflukning of channels in other important bodies (for example. In galdegange and bugspytskirtel) may also give serious illness. If you have a lot of worms in the gut, it may further affect people's appetite and eating habits.

In extremely rare cases, can live worms seen in vomiting or climb out through the nose, which may give a major fright.

Consideration of spoleorm

Spoleorm dealt with that particular slow urine.

Precautions and diagnosis

Do some of the above disease, one should go to the doctor for the purpose of any investigation for spoleorm. Here, the doctor make the diagnosis by examining stool for eggs or any. send the person to a place where one can take an X-ray of the gut (in severe cases).

Prevention of spoleorm

By washing hands and keep good almenhygiejne reduced risk of developing spoleorm. It should also wash their vegetables well before use. In areas where many are infected with worms, the major groups, all treated with slow urine.









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