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Definition and causes

Fnat is a disease transmitted by fnatmidenSarcoptes scabiei. The disease is highly contagious and can occur in Denmark. Fnat transferred most frequently through sexual contact or contact with unclean clothes or bedding.

Fnatmiden doing some characteristic twisted times in the top layer of skin, usually seen as a thin line on the skin. This area developed into blisters and possibly wound when one scratches in the area because of very strong itching. It is typically the finger, knæhaser, mutilation and elbows hit.

Symptoms of scabies

The most common symptoms are:
  • Very intense itching.

  • Rash.

  • In some cases skoldkoppelignende rash.

Precautions and diagnosis

One should go to the doctor on suspicion of scabies. The doctor can make the diagnosis from the typical image of the corridors of the skin and possible. found by hunmiden at the end of time.
Strike a family member of scabies, the whole family should be investigated.

Treatment of scabies

Fnat treated by turning miderne to death with a parasitdræbende means. This is a way of indsmøring on the entire body, except the face. The drug will sit for 24 hours. You may also repeat the treatment a few times.

Prevention of scabies

Fnat can be avoided by keeping good general hygiene and wash clothes and bedding through, if you suspect the disease.

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