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Definition and causes

Ringorm is the name of fungal infection in ubehåret skin on the body, this type of infection is also known astinea. Tinea is also the cause of fungal infections elsewhere, but here called it not for ringorm.

The disease is significantly more common in children than in adults. In children, the infection usually occurs on the body, feet and in hårbunden.
The origin of the infection is mainly animals such as dogs, cats and other animals with fur. However, children also infect other children.

Symptoms of ringorm

Infection on the body and face
Infection is reflected in the round, red and skællende spots, which clubs. The spots growing on the periphery, while the central begin healing to be done. They come to resemble a ring, hence the name ringorm. There may be small blisters on the verge of spots. These bladders can flow together into larger shapes.

Infection in hårbunden
Infection shown by the fact that the Clubs and the hair begins to fall off in the affected area. The area is red and skællende with broken hair.

Infection in the feet and nails
See Fodsvamp and neglesvamp .

Tilstanden is usually not serious but can be groomed.

Consideration of ringorm

Ringorm treated as many other fungal infections with a fungicide locally on the affected area. At high widespread infections, and when the sponge sit in hårbunden and nails, you can treat using fungicide prilled or shampoo.

Prevention of ringorm

Preventive can we fail to be in close contact with animals and people with fungal infection. Known sources of infection should also be treated to prevent relapse of the disease. The child could go to school, when treatment is started.



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