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Børneeksem is a red, itchy rash that starts early in the barnealderen. Udslættet disappear and come back up through childhood. Børneeksem is a very common disease. Approximately 15% of children today have the disease, and at most (3 out of 4), it will be mild and go down by itself before the teens. Some, however, bothered by the disease throughout their lives, and others will as adults develop related diseases such as håndeksem , asthma , Allergy and skællende eczema in adults .

Reasons for børneeksem

We do not know the exact cause of børneeksem, but we know that the disease is partly hereditary. People who have børneeksem, have more frequent asthma and allergies than others, and if you have family members with one of the three diseases, the risk of developing børneeksem greater.

It is a very small proportion of children who have an allergy, which means something to børneeksemet, and therefore rarely test for allergies in children with børneeksem. However, this is a disease of the immune system, and some will experience an improvement in symptoms by avoiding animal hair, dust mites, etc. We still have no satisfactory explanation for the link between allergies and børneeksem, but some of the children will develop allergies to food, such as milk, vegetables, fruit or eggs.

Symptoms of børneeksem

The symptoms start with nine out of ten children within 4 years of age, most often in the first year of life. The classic symptoms are:

  • Severe itching and kradsemærker on the skin

  • Red, dry areas of thickened skin, and perhaps with the peeling.

  • Eksemet liquid and be covered with buds and small bladders.

The typical locations vary by age.

In infants seen:

  • Eczema in the face ( "Vinterkinder")

  • Eczema behind the ears, neck and possible. on the back of the arms

In children from four to fifteen years seen:

  • Eczema in bøjefurerne in elbows and knæhaser

  • Eczema in the face, on the wrists and ankles

The teeenage-years waning symptoms, and many disease never come back.

In adults read:

  • Eczema in the same places as that of older children

  • Particularly in the face and neck

Moreover, both children and adults with børneeksem often a wide range of other symptoms, known as the "stigmata" (special features). These include on the dark øjenomgivelser, dobbeltfurer under the eyes, cracking at øreflipperne, itching, in contact with wool, food intolerances, eczema on håndflader and fodsåler and brystvorter and eye .

Select and complications

As stated above, one out of three children grow completely from the disease during the teenage years. Only a few percent will have actually børneeksem as adults, while some will have related diseases: Nearly half will develop as adults håndeksem, and a lot will have other diseases such as skællende eczema , asthma and hay fever.It . The disease is worst in winter, but the flare is also usually unpredictable.

In eksemet developed easy impetigo (Impetigo), and if the child is infected with herpes, it may develop eczema herpeticum, an itchy rash with vandblærer.


  • Use bomuldstøj and linens and avoid wool and synthetic drugs that aggravates itching.

  • Avoid too much contact with dust mites and animal hair, air out often and clean often. It helps the itching. This is particularly true for children with severe eczema.

  • Breast-feeding prevents børneeksem, so if you have the disease in the family, you can avoid or mitigate eksemen with his child. Konferer, moreover, by a doctor during pregnancy for further information on the risk of børneeksem.

  • Fugtighedscreme the summer and a cool cream in the winter to counteract the dry skin.

  • Use mild soap without perfume. It reduces the risk of allergies and impetigo.

Consideration of børneeksem

The review aimed largely against the symptoms. Steroid cream (binyrebark-hormone) dampens inflammation of the skin and is very effective. Many are nervous of treatment side effects, but if a doctor regularly keeps an eye on the amount that is used, there is no reason for concern. There are other betændelses-mitigation funds (for example. Macrolides), which has the same effect as a steroid cream.

The itching is often used antihistamines, and even if they do not always have an effect, they will narcosis types be good at night, where itching otherwise disturb the child's sleep. Heavy eksemer can be treated with "red bathing" (potassium permanganate), and impetigo treated with antibiotics.





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