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Definition and causes

A lack of closure of antacid, indegestion remedy with a newborn child is calledSpina Bifida(SB). This deformity can result in the development of a deformed spine and inadequate protection of the underlying, sensitive spinal cord.

Typically SB will be located in the lower part of the spine. The nerves to be deleted from here, for example, supplies the urinary bladder, intestines and legs. Nerveskade in this region will weaken the control of physiological functions in the related areas.

The reason for SB is not clear. One can see that there is a hereditary component, but we have not (yet) considered it the responsible gene (s).

Symptoms of the split backbone

Spina Bifida can be expressed in many different ways, everything from a full symptomløs small deformity of the spine to a major defect in an open and unprotected spinal cord. It is also possible that the gap in the backbone covered by a cyst or svulstlignende tissues. This cyst may contain rygmarvsvæske (CSF) and parts of the spinal cord.

There is usually a degree of paralysis and lack of følesans in the affected vertebrae. The amount of disability depends heavily on how spina bifida are located and the extent of nerveskaden. However, there are many who experience problems with bowel and bladder.

The complexity of SB may be that the damaged area will be infected with the risk of inflammation in the cerebrospinal fluid. (see Hjernehindebetændelse of infants and children ).

In more difficult cases, it is common infections of the urinary bladder. There may encounter further complications if they also appear hydrocephalus (water on the head) .

Consideration of a split backbone

There is still no effective treatment of the SB, because the damaged nervous tissues can not be repaired or replaced. Treatment focuses on the following to prevent further damage to the nervous tissue and prevent infection. As soon as possible after birth is an operation to close the misdannelsen. During the operation becomes the spinal cord and the nerves set in place and covered with skin. There also given preventive antibiotics for infections.

Children with SB can be of physiotherapy to strengthen the healthy muscles and learn to control intestinal and blærefunktionen.
It is important that the child with SB soon be referred to a department specializing in children with the nervous system.

Select the split backbone

In mild cases, the child grows without major complications, but in more difficult cases it may be necessary that the child will have specialized døgnpleje. Often, the child can learn to control the gut and blærefunktion and go in the regular school.



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