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Definition and causes

Hydrocefalus, also known as "water in the head", are characterised by a surplus of brain and rygmarvsvæske (CSF) in the brain. The excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain extends the brain cavity (ventricles), increases the pressure in the brain and skull and may cause adverse effect on hjernevævet.

Cerebrospinalvæskens (CSV) production is very closely aligned withseveral functions in the system. It has a støddæmpende effect on the brain and spinal cord, it provides for the transport of nutrients to and waste from the brain, and, last but not least, it is trykudligner between the brain and spinal cord. CSV formed in the brain cavity centrally in the brain and included them to the bloodstream through the brain blood vessels. When this balance will be cancelled or disrupted, there can be overproduction of CSV with a consequent increase in the brain and kranietryk

Hydrocefalus can be congenital, but may occur later in life as a result of hjernehindebetændelse or a tumor.

Symptoms of hydrocephalus

The most obvious sign of hydrocephalus at the child is the rapid growth of hovedomfang or an unusual hovedstørrelse. Other symptoms include vomiting, drowsiness, sleepiness, irritability, convulsions and the child may have "solnedgangsblik" (eyes pointing down, so we can only see half of the colored eye).

The finding of abnormally hovedomfang and size at birth to continuously measure the size of the head at short intervals to monitor any abnormal change in the objectives. If this is the case, made more thorough billedundersøgelser of the brain.

Treatment and progress of hydrocephalus

Hydrocefalus is rare. It can occur with spina bifida . If the condition is not detected soon after birth, it can lead to severe permanent damage to the brain. In some cases, the child die of infection.

The high kranietryk reduced by an operation, forming a drainage from hulheden in the skull to another location on the body, a so-called sinks. Typically headed the fluid in the abdominal cavity or the heart. Drained is one way, so that the liquid can only managed the one moving away from the brain. This reduces the pressure and this is followed closely until a normal level is reached. The child's head assumes normal size, but this is regularly monitored since drained may be blocked. We must therefore pay close attention





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