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Definition and causes

Læbe and cleft palate (hare-lip) is actually two different congenital defects. They are often linked and are therefore described as a whole. Misdannelserne may occur alone.

Læbespalteis a ansigtsmisdannelse the above is not sammenvokset normally in fosterlivet. Misdannelsen emerges as a column located to one side. Rarely column appears in both sides or in the middle.

Ganespalteis a birth defect in which there is a lack of integration or development of the palate. When ganespalten acting alone, it is located in the central line. Together with læbespalten seems the usually off to one of the front pages.
The reasons for lip and cleft palate is not entirely explained. It is believed that this can be a combination of heredity and environment, which is the basis for the development of the defect. Environmental causes can be the consumption of pregnant women. drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and any diseases.

Complications at the lip and cleft palate (Hareskår)

Læbe and cleft palate rarely gives greater problems for the individual. Children have an increased tendency to get middle, be forkølede, losing your hearing and speech. Moreover, they can have problems with the teeth.

In madning there may be special needs of the small, as ganespalten hamper sutning and synkning. Furthermore, the food come up through the nose and mouth when the child bøvser.

Untreated can lip and cleft palate be groomed and mentally hard for the child.

Consideration of a lip and cleft palate (Hareskår)

The treatment is surgical, and waiting, the child becomes a little more. In the run-up to the operation, any synkevanskeligheder treated with a plate that covers the column, while the child is madet. Læbespalten operated for about. 2 months of age and ganespalten in about 2 years of age.

The result of the operations is good both in terms of appearance and speech. However, it is often necessary to follow up with training in speech therapist. Socially and mentally, it can still be problematic for the child. It is therefore extremely important that we as parents support the child during difficult times.





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