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Definition and causes

Inborn clubfoot is a birth defect in which the foot is turned inward, fodsålen points behind and fodryggen forward. About half of children with clubfoot has misdannelsen in both feet. It is also the most fodmisdannelse, and it is about 1 in 1000 newborns, who receive it.
The cause is unknown, but there are some inheritance in the development of the state.

Symptoms and treatment of clubfoot

Foden is rigid and can not lead back in the correct position. Initially the children referred to a physiotherapist who daily manipulate and bandagerer foot in the correct position. After about. three months if the foot is not directed, performed a surgical operation.

Physiotherapy restarted after bandagen is removed, and the foot genoptrænes with a shine on. Subsequently, checked the foot of ambulatoriet into the school. The forecast is very good.




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