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Some children are often off acute inflammation of mellemøret , Generally after a cold , Where the infectious agent spread from næsehulen and throat to mellemøret through the eustakiske pipes. Children will have easier inflammation of mellemøret than adults because their eustakiske tubes are shorter and the infectious agent, therefore easier to reach mellemøret than in adults. Repeated inflammations in mellemøret leads to the eustakiske pipes raise up and stopped, so it secrete a distinguished in mellemøret as a result of inflammation can not get out.


The main symptom is that the child belongs worse in the affected ear. Lydende seen as remote and weak. Hearing due to ear drum and høreknoglerne can not fluctuate freely, which leads to the sound waves can not be traced to the inner ear in the normal way. Other symptoms are pain in the ear and a sense of a blockage in the ear.

If a child seems unusually uopmærksomt or have problems at school, it may be that the cause is a strong hørenedsættelse, which is due to the eustakiske tubes are inflamed (see Indlæringsproblemer ).


If the disease is not detected and treated, there is a risk of høreknoglerne in mellemøret growing together, resulting in a lasting reduction of hearing in the affected ear. If the child is at a stage where it must learn to speak, the hearing may delay the development and later also affect the child's ability to keep up with in school.


If you suspect that the child belongs lower after an inflammation of the ear, the ear examined by a doctor. Using a otoskop, the doctor can see into the øregangen and examine the ear drum. He can then detect pathological conditions that may affect your hearing. In addition, he with a special instrument to examine whether a fluid behind the ear drum.


In mild cases can bottle the liquid in the mellemøret by using a means to get hævelserne in the mucous membranes to fall. These funds affect the mucous membranes in the eustakiske pipes which opened, so the liquid can flow through it down into the throat.

In more difficult cases, we must bottle the liquid by making a cut in the ear drum. This action is carried out under anaesthetic. A small plasticrør in the cut in drum keeps the hole open, and sekretet in mellemøret may be emptied regularly, until the disease is cured and the passage through the eustakiske tube again is free. Then heal the incision in the ear drum of itself.

If the child as a result of repeated infections of the throat, the so-called polyps

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