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Definition and causes

Skeløjethed,whatever, Is a common disorder and refer to a disturbance in the eyes position, movement and cooperation.

Skeløjethed can occur because of problems at two levels:

  • Effect of øjenmusklernes function and nerveforsyning. So can øjenmusklen not move.

  • Cooperation and coordination of the two eyes movements. Muscle works well, but they can not run properly.

Children's skeløjethed due to typical error incoordinationof the two eyes movements. In rare cases, the cause of underlying disease, congenital cataract or retinoblastom , Udviklingsdefekter, as wrong nerveforsyning and building øjenmusklerne.

Symptoms of skeløjethed (whatever) in children

When describing the symptoms of whatever, it may be useful to share the disease into two different types,manifest whateverandlatent distinction.

Manifesto whatever
The children can, at the beginning of symptomernes action, be cockeyed in shorter periods, but develops gradually constant distinction. It seems that the two eyes do not look the same location. The movement of one eye, follows the other eye is not equal with, but suggest different places. In particular, when the child is tired, that it skeler, it may be advantageous to notice. The child will usually not double. However, it may in some cases, keep your head in a particular position to avoid eve

Latent (transient) whatever
There are usually no problems with the survey. The child may be tired in the eye and it may be difficult for the child to read because the letters can not really be maintained in the eye, the boundaries. There may be a headache and double vision, which disappears after a while. The child does not cockeyed when it has its eyes open, but when the child is tired and when it sleeps, is skeløjetheden present.

Complications by skeløjethed (whatever) in children

By skeløjethed may skelende eye have a growing poor visual acuity, as the child does not use it to see. It can, at worst, lead to blindness in one eye.

Diagnosis and relief by skeløjethed (whatever) in children

If you have a child who has symptoms of skeløjethed, you must immediately go to the doctor, because there may be a serious underlying disease. It is a good idea to observe when and in what cases whatever occurs and ask the child if it sees double.

Øjenlægen make the diagnosis by doing a number øjenundersøgelser, which prepare øjenforstyrrelsens nature. These studies are quite harmless.

Consideration of skeløjethed (whatever) in children

Treatment designed to prevent the child's bad eye will have a lower strength, creating a condition that the child can see with both eyes and they look normal. It is a specialistopgave.

In order to prevent the bad eye gets worse, covering Monday the non-skelende eye. The child will therefore be forced to use it skelende eye to see. The sight of the bad eye is actually improved in the next few weeks. Parents should be advised on this treatment, as it may be difficult for the child at all to see the first time.

We can give the child a doc who makes the picture sharper. Correct glasses to correct the skelestillingen.

To get the good cosmetic result and a possible brillekorrektion have not worked satisfactorily, is a surgery treatment.

Many have a good øjenstilling after an operation.



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