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Definition and causes

Relax cervix may be a result of repeated births or previous gynecological operations, including keglesnit. Earlier infections can also lead to lax cervix.

Symptoms of lax cervical

There are no real signs of a loose cervix, but the condition can lead to premature departure water during pregnancy.


The diagnosis is usually made aware that there have been previous cases in women who arouses suspicion, and therefore are more aware of it at later gynecological examination and vaginal ultrasound scan.

Treatment of cervical lax

Cervix can be stitched together, if at a pregnant woman discovered loose cervix. Stingere removed again in the 38th week Moreover, it may be necessary to give the woman medicine which reduces the contractions of the uterus, to avoid jeopardizing the birth prematurely in time.

Select and complications to relax cervix

Relax cervix can lead to premature birth.



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