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Due. the risk of cancer of the testicles, it is important that women regularly examine their testicles. Diseases affect mostly men between 18 and 35 years, underlining that young men should examine their testicles.

Normally you can, by using the thumb and point-to-long pier, rated most important structures in the purse. The study can be usefully done during or just after a hot bath, because the thin muskellag, located in pockets, here is relaxed, and enable the best touch with the contents of the purse.

In the purse, you can feel the testicles, bitestiklerne and sædstrengen, including contains sædlederen (see article testicles and wallets). Testicular fills most of the purse and is fixed and ball-or egg-shaped structures. Bitestiklerne is the appendage, which has a little less solid substance, which sits at the rear testicles. Sædstrengene can often best be felt on their departure from the purse opadtil. They feel a bit like "a spaghetti slip between our fingers."

Testicular cancer will usually feel like a uøm swelling of the testicles, which are stuck on this. It might be. have an uneven surface. Alternatively, if the cancer tumor inside the testes, the only symptom may be a closed, uøm testicle.
However, it is important to stress that a uøm swelling in the pockets need not be cancer, but may be due to conditions which sædbrok, water hernia or pungårebrok.

Sudden, very strong pain in the purse can be caused by a twist of one of the testicles, so that blood flow to the testicles afklemmes. This requires urgent treatment, and one should immediately seek medical attention. Slower arisen pain that is accompanied by redness or warmth, and where. fever, can be caused by inflammation of bitestiklerne.

Seeing a swelling of the testicles, always seek out a doctor and be examined.



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