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Definition and causes

A Fæokromocytom is a rare, hormone-producing tumor (lump) in adrenals innermost part (called MARV). Binyremarven produce stress hormonesadrenalineandnoradrenaline, Who along with the nervous system, among other things, regulates the body's blood pressure and heart rate. Hormones are released mainly by the physical and psychological stress, which prepares the body to "fight or flight 'and necessary for our survival. 90 is Fæokromocytomer% of benign nodules, ie. they do not diffuse, which makes cancer nodules, but they carry a surplus of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which gives the symptoms (see below). Fæokromocytomer can be found elsewhere in the body than the adrenal glands, but d

The causes are unknown. However occurs 10% of all fæokromocytomer in people suffering from certain hereditary disorders in advance.

Symptoms of fæokromocytom

The increased hormone level has high blood pressure, either continuously or in periods. Moreover, we speak of a "symptom-triad" consisting of headaches, sweating increased and palpitations. There may be pallor and a feeling of faintness. The symptoms occur mainly or exclusively, after physical or psychological stress (eg. Pain, cold, anxiety, emotional outbreaks, etc.).

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have these symptoms should seek medical advice. Even if you have high blood pressure and the symptom-triad, it is far from certain that we have fæokromocytom. Have we do not all symptoms of triad may fæokromocytom excluded in 99% of cases.

The diagnosis made by studies of urine and blood tests when hormone levels are determined. Evidence samples at fæokromocytom, expanded investigations with a CT or MRI (magnetic) scan of the adrenal gland, which can detect a tumor. In case of doubt can be created other, more specialized scans (suprarenal gland-scintigrafi and PET scanning).

Treatment of fæokromocytom

Carry out medical pre-treatment with a drug that inhibits the effect of adrenaline (alpha-receptor blocker), which helps with the symptoms. After treatment, the tumor can be removed from the adrenals through a telescope-operation.

Select and complications

A serious but rare complication is sudden, extreme high blood pressure (above 220/130), so-calledhypertensivecrisis. This condition is fatal and requires urgent hospitalization and treatment, but it has good power.

After surgery for fæokromocytom prognosis is good for most people. About 25% of operating the subsequent need for blood pressure-lowering medication, and 10% seeing the tumor comes back, hence the need to go to lifelong control.



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