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There are several methods for displaying the brain. The choice of method depends on the structures in the brain, we want to make visible. The most common methods are described below.

CT scanning af hjernen. Der laves billedudsnit på flere
niveauer af hjernen, som en lagkage, herved kan man
se hjernens forskellige strukturer.

CT-scan (Computer Tomography)

In a CT scan used X-rays to create images of thin section of the brain and skull. The patient lies on a lease with the head inside the CT scanner, which sends X-rays through the brain from all possible angles. A computer collects all the information and creates a series of cut images of the brain. You can see most structures in the brain. It applies in particular CT scans to diagnose blood clots or bleeding in the brain and brain tumors. Areas where there

You can make CT scan with contrast, which filed a contrast agent into a vein. Then Prepare CT scan, where you could see if there are areas in the brain, where the contrast substance assembled. It is a sign that there is a damaged blood vessel, or the blood-brain barrier (see Brain) is leaking.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance)

By MRI exploited it to the body's hydrogen atoms behave like little magnets, which has a south and a north pole. MR scanner consists of a strong magnetic field, a radio transmitter, a receiver coil and a computer. During the scan, the patient's head is placed inside the scanner's magnetic field. This causes the hydrogen atoms to align itself on its magnetic field direction. It then sent waves through the brain, so the hydrogen atoms found out the direction they had set in. Hydrogen Atom are facing Back

MRI provides a more detailed image of brain tissue and are very good at diagnosing multiple sclerosis. Here are often used administration of a specific contrast agent that shows there has been damage to the blood-brain barrier (see also Brain). In addition, the MR better see the lower rear part of the brain. One advantage of MRI is that it is not exposed to ionizing radiation (X-rays) by CT scan. But MRI is not used if the patient has metallic paste


When you get an angiography produced blood vessels, so you can see if there is malformation of the brain's veins or enclosed veins. Angiography can be made in two ways. By one method made a contrast agent into a vein, usually on the neck, then take a series of X-rays to follow versus the way through the blood vessels. In the second method created a special MRI, which produces brain veins clear. We avoid any. complications with the administration of contrast medium,

PET scans (Positron Emission Tomography)

In a PET scan can detect a slightly radioactive tracer, which is injected into a vein in his arm. The radioactive tracer absorbed mainly in the areas of the body with a high metabolism. This is visible in in tumors, the PET scan is widely used in cancer treatment. In the brain can also be changed metabolism in areas from which epilepsy occurs. In addition, the PET scan lot of research in various brain diseases such as. Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia

SPECT scans (Single Photon Emission Computer Tomography)

SPECT scan is used to map the brain's blood flow. Wave a slightly radioactive tracer into the bloodstream, after which the brain scan. There used a so-called gamma camera, which measures the amount of radiation as a manifestation of the bleeding in the various fields. SPECT scan is used, inter alia, by epilepsy, memory problems, migraine and Parkinson's disease.




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