In some diseases and conditions, it is necessary to remove content in uterine cavity or a layer of the uterus.

Examples of this can be:

  • Unwanted pregnancy(and subsequent surgical abortion).

  • Benignormalignantconditions in the womb.

  • EndometriosisorMola.


Undergynecological examination(in full anesthetic) opens the vagina and cervix can be found. Her first introduces an instrument to expand the cervix, and then a sharp meander (curette) that is used to scrape the inside surface (mucous membranes) of the uterus. This procedure is also known asadequateor D & C (dilation and curettage).


In the case of soft substances (as a fetus), can instead use a suction. This procedure kalesvabrasioorvacuo-adequate.


All tissues are removed, must be examined under a microscope.


After the operation is usually sent home with a message of rest. Also discouraged intercourse in a week's time.






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