Offered by some counties as screening for women over 50 years. In this way, you will find some knots, which would not otherwise be discovered by the woman or her doctor. In younger women with actively growing breast tissue, the investigation may be difficult to interpret, and because breast cancer in young people is very rarely used it often in this age group. In adolescents are used instead ultrasound.

The study is an X-ray where the breast is placed on a plate. Then placed another plate on top, so that your chest is pressed together, and the image is easier to take. The images are then evaluated by a medical X-ray and imaging production of the Gordian knot can arouse suspicion of malignant nodules (cancer).


Is a description of three studies offered to all women over 30 years with newly discovered lumps in the breast:

  1. Clinical examination where the doctor marks the chest through the knots.

  2. The ultrasonic Examine how a bug. knot can be localized. From this, take a biopsy with a needle, and the breast tissue samples examined by a pathologist (a doctor who specializes in the tissues). It also examines the lymph nodes in the armpit.

  3. Mammography as described above.

The results of each of these studies assessed separately. If there is no suspicion of malignant tumors, cancer, it is usually not more, unless the woman has many genes.

Is there just one of the studies, which give rise to, that there may be a cancer, then repeated ultrasound, with the insertion of a thin wire marker of the Gordian knot. Similarly, repeated mammography. Then the Gordian knot will be operated out, the X-ray photographed and evaluated by the pathologist. If it proves to be cancer, it can lead to breast removed.



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