To explore his chest does not take many minutes. Therefore, any woman have time to do it once a week. It is important that any appeal. breast cancer is detected early. Most emerging nodules are benign nodules, but will nevertheless be examined to exclude cancer.

A good reason to begin to examine his breasts from an early age is that women can learn to know their breasts, and thus know if there has arisen a new knot. The young breast may be somewhat more difficult to investigate because kirtelvævet (who can feel hard and gnarled) is more prevalent among younger people.

The procedure is simple. You must:

  • Look carefully at their breasts in a mirror and

  • Sensory them carefully, including the armpit.

Move to front of a mirror. Like a mirror that is placed on a table so you can better see the edge of the breast.

See closely following on each breast, particularly around the nipple, if there is indtræk or sores on or around the nipple. Raise any. forearms, so you can better see the lower edge of the breast, or it may be necessary to lift the chest up a bit with the modsidige hand.

Older women may have problems with redness due to fungus under the breasts, since fungal cells live well in closed humid environments. This can be easily treated with creams, which are available in OTC.

Put you then on his back on the floor with a pillow under the shoulder blades. In this manner the breasts are pushed slightly forward, and thus easier to feel through.

When you examine the right breast, located right arm behind your head so that his head resting on under his arm. This position is also to stretch your chest out.

Feel with your left hand from breast edge in towards nipple, all the way around the chest.

Then feel of the nipple, which also must squeeze a bit to see if any liquid gets out.

Second placed his left hand in the right armpit and right arm taken down along the side so that it relaxes. Thus, it is easier to mark after enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit. It should however be noted that in the armpit can be enlarged lymph nodes for many reasons, for example. a normal influenza.

The same procedure is repeated for the left breast.

It is important to have a solid routine in these studies because it will become better acquainted with her body and thus better able to discover new knots.

Finally, it should be added to some men discovering these nodules themselves, but do not dare go to the doctor for fear of an answer, they do not want to hear. It is important to seek medical advice if you suspect that there will be a new knot. If a tumor is detected in an early stage, it would often be treated, while the chances are less, the longer time waiting.


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