A gynecological examination is a study of female genitalia and the vagina, as well as an examination of the woman's internal reproductive organs (uterus and ovaries) to the extent that it is possible. The internal reproductive organs located inside of the stomach and are therefore not available for inspection, but can only be felt through the vagina, and possibly. examined by ultrasound through the vagina.

The poll was conducted routinely in start-up of the pill or by setting up spiral or diaphragm. In addition, there gynecological examination on the vast majority of women who come to the emergency room with abdominal pain. Death is also gynecological examination in connection with the screening program for cervical cancer, which you look at the cell.

In connection with the screening program is also a pap smear, which introduces a small brush, which recalls a little high Mascara brush. This will capture the cells, which then sent to a laboratory where cells are examined under a microscope.

The study carried out by the woman lies on her back with legs placed in brackets climb, which supports the legs, so the woman is as comfortable as possible. The more the woman relax, and the better she is, the less unpleasant is the investigation.

The doctor examines the external genitalia and then introduce aspekulumin the vagina. A spekulum is an instrument which keeps the vagina open. The instrument is available in several versions, either metal or plastic, and as two-handed or one-handed spekulum ( "andenæb"). By placing this instrument in the vagina, the physician may see vaginal walls and livmoderhalsens opening and perhaps see any. abnormal situation. In addition, work has space to any. instruments (such as brush cell sample) can be introduced.

Then unde increases the vagina and the internal reproductive organs with the fingers, where the physician introduces 2 fingers into the vagina and with the other hand feel of a woman's stomach, in order to be able to mark uterus and ovaries.

Sometimes supplemented the study with a rektaleksploration the end intestine also feel after.

Some Gynecologists, but few practitioners have ultrasound equipment available. Here introduced ultralydsproben through the vagina, and you can get an overview of the uterus and ovaries, as well as any. abnormal situation in relation to those bodies.




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