If you have the misfortune to be hit by bryskræft is surgery of the chest an option if the cancer has not spread.

There are two possibilities. Either the total removal of the breast (mastectomy) or a breast-conserving surgery (lumbektomi). Which of the two is chosen, depends on kræftknudens size, appearance and whether there are more knots.

Bymastectomyremoved as mentioned throughout the breast. Also removes some of the Volume skin covering the chest muscles. After a mastectomy may be a breast reconstruction, which created a new breast with implants.

Bybreast-keepingoperationRemove only the Gordian knot of cancer, but breast form and surface is maintained. This is followed by radiotherapy to the remaining breast tissue.

In both mastectomy and lumbektomi removed lymph nodes from the armpit while. The reason why you do it, is that lymph node is the first place, the cancer spread to, and investigation of the lymph nodes poses no information on where the cancer has good prognosis.

This part of the operation is a so-calledsentinel nodesurgery (removal ofsentinel lymph -). It is know that during breast-operation inject small amounts of dangerous radioactive material in the breast tissue around the Gordian knot and with a radioactivity meter (a Geiger counter) will take the lymph nodes (skildvagtsknuden), which is linked to cancer sufferers area. Then one removes the lymph nodes, and examined under a microscope.

If there are cancer cells in the lymph nodes, given radiotherapy to the remaining lymph nodes, and the Gordian knot has served.

For some of the women being mastektomeret or lumbektomeret, offered additional chemotherapy. See also the article bryskræft.





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