Breast Reconstruction is a reconstruction of one or both breasts after a mastectomy, typically in connection with suspected - or found breast cancer in patients.

Breast Reconstruction at the public expense offered to women who, because of breast cancer, has been stripped of one or both breasts. The goal of a breast reconstruction is to prevent any trauma that may have important implications for women's quality of life, as the loss of a breast is a significant psychological, social and physical strain.

In connection with an operation in connection with breast cancer, all women are entitled to information on options for breast reconstruction. In Denmark chooses about. 200 women each year to undergo breast reconstruction after having lost a breast due to cancer. The number is equivalent to less than 10% of the women who get breast removed

Reasons for the implementation of a breast reconstruction, based on the woman's choice / desire, and on relevant and comprehensive information on the woman's case.

In relation to breast cancer may be the reason for the removal of a woman's breasts be primary or secondary. The primary cause is linked to cancers detected, while the secondary is prophylactic and attached to a presumption of increased risk of developing breast cancer at a later date.

There are 2 ways of how to recreate a breast.

  • implantation of a plastic prosthesis

  • relocation of the patient's own tissue (lapplastik)

Which method used depends on the woman's choice and tissue in the breast area and the extent to which the patient tissue from elsewhere on the body which can be used. For very thin women lapplastik surgery can be difficult to implement.

Lapplastik with transplantation of autologous tissue should only be undertaken by major powers strong hospitals with a significant contingency related to the rejection of the transplanted tissue, problems with the establishment of blood flow and addressing other unexpected things that can arise during surgery.

Breast reconstruction with its own tissues is one of the treatments under the Danish public health service where waiting time is long overdue - typically 1 to 2 years.

Patients who want treatment, which involves transplantation of autologous tissue outside public hospitals, should very carefully assess what action it is because several different interventions fall under the same category of operation. The issue of skills and routine of supervising hospital concerns.

Patients who are interested in the possibilities for breast reconstruction at the private English - or foreign hospitals under the extended free hospital (which can be used by waiting 2 months or more), the detailed information on what offers are available on the public website www.sygehusvalg . com which is published by the National Association of County Authorities.

This text is published on the 16th February 2005



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