Definition and causes

Recurrent infection in the urethra caused most often sexually transmitted bacteria such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. It may also be caused by irritation due healed skin alterations in the mucous membranes that can occur when intercourse. Finally, chronic urinrørsinfektion be allergic condition and is due for example. spermicides or other chemicals.

Symptoms and precautions for chronic urinrørsbetændelse

The typical symptoms are pain and stinging when passing urine, often described as "the pee Cullet". There may be frequent water and discharge of mucus or pus from urinrørsåbningen (may be only symptoms). The symptoms can resemble blærebetændelse.

The disease is not dangerous in itself, but you should consult a doctor to clarify why urinrørsbetændelsen.

Treatment of chronic urinrørsbetændelse

Treatment depends on the cause, which are typically found in urine samples and possibly. grafting from the urethra and vagina. Chlamydia and gonorrhea treated with antibiotics.

Preventing chronic urinrørsbetændelse

In women, which is the cause mucous membrane irritation after intercourse, you can apply a preventive sliding Cream. Grundig personal hygiene and urinate immediately after intercourse can reduce the amount of bacteria in the urethra.

Get noticed a sexually transmitted disease, it is important to inform his (e) partner (s), so he can be tested and treated, since several of these diseases untreated can lead to sterility.


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