Definition and causes

Trikomonas is a encellet organism that can infect the vagina mucous membrane. Infection can infection through sexual contact. Trikomonasinfektion is now rare.

Symptoms of trikomonasinfektion

The symptoms of infection with trikomonas is virtually the same as at the sponge in the vagina. The key isitchingandsting. These can be entitleddryness of the vagina, And the woman may havepainful intercourse. In addition,odor nuisancetrikomonasinfektion by something worse than that found by fungal infection.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis made by gynecological examination, which takes a sample secretions. This will be under a microscope to identify trikomonas.

Treatment of trikomonasinfektion

The treatment is antiobiotika, and then trikomonas transmitted through sexual contact, a bug. partner also discussed.

Select and complications

The infection is harmless, but should be treated due to genes and the risk of infecting others.


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