The external genitalia consist front of venus mountain, which passes between the legs of the outer labia, which are two relatively karholdige fat pads and rear meet in the flesh. Between them sits the inner labia. Front is the split, and form a front and a rear lap that surrounds Clitorial. Rear meet the front of the meat. The inner labia contains glands, which forms an oily secretions. Just below the inner labia are some glands, which secrete a viscous liquid under the s


In the opening vagina sit jomfruhinden (hymen), which is a thin membrane Volume, with small holes for the departure of particular menstrual blood. This broken at first intercourse or other mechanical means.


The vagina is about. 10 cm long muskuløst tubes (which expanded by sexual excitement), leading to the inner labia. At the bottom of the vagina leading womb, in the form of the cervix.





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