Definition and causes

Sponge in the vagina is due to a growth of the funguscandida albicans. See also this article on the fungus in the vagina.

The reason for this growth is a change in vaginal environment, antibiotic treatment, disease or immunosuppressed for other reasons (including pregnancy and diabetes).

Many women have recurring outbreaks. These can be promoted by moist panty, wet swimsuits or tight pålædning.

Newer p-pillepræperater gives probably not an increased risk of fungal infections.

Symptoms of the fungus in the vagina

The main symptoms areitchingandsting. These can be entitleddryness of the vagina, And the woman may havepainful intercourse.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis is usually made from the woman's symptoms alone, but supported by a gynecological examination, which usually are plentiful secretions, which looks like most of all recalls cottage cheese. Often, smelly secretions.

Treatment of fungus in the vagina

The treatment of vagina fungus is usually a combination of a stikpille to the configuration of the vagina, and an antifungal cream to påsmøring in the area around the vagina opening.

If there is simultaneously an eczema-like rash, can be combined with adrenal cortical hormones cream.

Select and complications

Infection in itself is not dangerous but can lead to some genes.

Read more: sponge in the vagina.



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