Definition and causes

Condylomas are warts, which can grow in the vagina mucous membrane, which is due to a virus, HPV (human papilomavirus) that reproduce inside the body's cells.

The virus transmitted through sexual contact and is a venereal (see also condylomas the penis). The disease is most commonly seen in aged 15-29 years, the number of sexual contacts with different partners is greatest.

Women who have poor immune systems (diabetes, HIV and women in immunosuppressive therapy) has increased the risk and get more recurring condylomas.

Symptoms of condylomas in the vagina mucosa

Often gives condylomas no symptoms and is detected only if they are sitting in the vagina opening, out of shame lips or in the flesh.

Sometimes they can besoreand givepainful intercourse.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis made by gynecological examination with kolposkopi. Since the virus can spread to end the intestine, and as the disease also infects by anal intercourse, should end the intestine also examined.

Treatment of condylomas in the vagina mucosa

Some condylomas on the outer labia or in between the meat can be treated with pens milling, which uses a product that kills viruses.
Major condylomas be burned away, either with laser or electrical burning. Some uses freezing. A possible. partner must also be examined and treated for condylomas.

Select and complications

Since some of types of HPV are those that can cause cervical cancer, can each condylomas evolve into this.

Preventing condylomas in the vagina mucosa

The most important prevention is the use of condom intercourse.


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