Definition and causes

Cancer in shame lips is an unbridled growth of the cells, which covers the shame lips (mucous membranes).

There is 60-70 new cases each year, and they are much more common in women over 60 years. If the disease occurs in younger women, they would have occurred in cells, which constitute some of the kirtelvæv, which sits at the entrance to the vagina.

Symptoms of cancer in shame lips

The symptoms of cancer in shame lips include:

  • Itching.

  • Bleeding wounds and not the whole.

  • Vaginal discharge.

  • Node shame on the lip or in the area around Clitorial.

If the woman is experiencing some of these symptoms, she should contact their doctor.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis made by gynecological examination and a biopsy (tissue), which will give the diagnosis. In some cases, the lymph nodes in the groin also be closed.

Treatment of cancer in shame lips

The treatment of cancer in shame lips depends on how advanced a stage it is in. Very local changes can be removed only by the kidnappers operate the Gordian knot, while the advanced stages require more extensive surgery (removal of venus mountain, Clitorial, labia and lymph nodes in the groin).

Select and complications

If the cancer is discovered in time, the prognosis is good. Unfortunately, the symptoms are often ignored by the woman because blufærdighed, and therefore it is discovered late. It is therefore important that you contact the doctor at the above symptoms.


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