Definition and causes

The termmucosal changes in the cervixused when the cells that make up the normal mucous membrane of the cervix, is changing character. The condition is frequent and often harmless but can sometimes develop into cervical cancer.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is believed to play a significant role in the development of mucosal changes in the cervix. In addition, smoking is linked to an increased risk of developing the condition, and patients with poor immune system are at increased risk.

Symptoms of mucosal changes in the womb

The woman experiences no symptoms of these mucosal changes.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis made by a doctor to perform a gynecological examination, which takes a cell sample. This cell sample examined under a microscope, and here's cellular changes seen. If there is a cell, called the woman again to have made a kolposkopi. When a doctor can kolposkopi through a magnifier apparatus investigate livmoderhalsens mouth.

When a color method can suspicion drawn to different degrees of abnormal smears and thus further explanation. In some cases, it is then enough to take some biopsies, while in other cases, made a keglesnit (conisatio). This is usually performed by the physician during a gynecological examination introduces a special electric scalpel (diatermislynge), and thus cut livmoderhalsens a piece of opening out. This method is by replacing the old traditional cone biopsy (conisatio).

Consideration of a mucosal changes in the womb

Slight change is not addressed, but the woman must be checked periodically, so that a development more difficult to change caught and thus can be treated.

The above-mentioned keglesnit used to provide a safer diagnosis, and to capture an unexpected development of cervical cancer, but is also a treatment, while this removes the cells that can develop.

Select and complications

The reason for that is so thorough in finding and treating the various degrees of mucosal changes is that they sometimes can develop into cervical cancer. Mucosal changes itself does not genes.

Prevention of mucosal changes in the cervix

The primary form for the building lies in the screening program, which is in most counties, where women between 23 and 60 years convened gynecological examination to undergo a pap smear. Around 3,000 women a year referred for further investigation by a gynecologist after the discovery of changes in these cell samples.

It is debatable whether a vaccination against HPV be introduced in the childhood immunization program for girls, because this virus as mentioned is linked to the disease.


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