Definition and causes

Inflammation of the egg-heads is due to an infection with bacteria, which are horizontally through the vagina and uterus, and who have settled here. Previously, the most common bacterial gonorrhea, but this is now rare in Denmark. Now is the leading cause chlamydia, which, like gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease. Other bacteria, which can give the inflammation of the egg-heads, is streptococci and coliform.
The disease is most common among sexually active women, and the risk increases with the number of partners.

Symptoms of inflammation in egg-heads

The symptoms of inflammation of the egg-heads usually begins as a nagging, followed by sharp, sudden onset of abdominal pain. It is often a vaginal discharge of varying smell and appearance. The woman is often a general feeling sick with fever and nausea. There may be entitled frequent urination, or the woman may have difficulty in getting rid of the water.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis is not always straightforward, but the doctor will perform a gynecological examination and the findings here can give suspected abdominal inflammation. In addition, the doctor a sample from vaginal discharge that is sent to a microbiological department, who will examine it under a microscope, and will try to cultivate bacteria that might be it.

Treatment of inflammation in the egg-heads

The treatment is primarily antibiotics. It is also recommended that the woman be in bed. Sexual intercourse is not recommended the following month's time.

Select and complications

Untreated infection can in egg heads spread to the blood and potentially life-threatening (see blood poisoning). This happens rarely. Moreover, it can spread and form abscesses in or by the surrounding organs.

Much of the women, referred to remarks of involuntary childlessness, have following infections in æggelderne, which is formed arvæv by which eggs can not pass and become fertilized. This also increases the risk of pregnancy outside the uterus.

Prevention of inflammation in the egg-heads

Since many of the cases caused by sexually transmitted bacteria, is contraception in the form of a condom an important method of prevention. In addition, careful intimate hygiene important, partly to avoid infection and to prevent it from coming back.


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