Definition and causes

Ovarian cancer is a growth of the cells that form the innermost layer of the uterus, the endometrium (hence the name endometrial cancer). What caused it is not known, but high blood pressure and diabetes might increase risk. It is believed that the key factor to dispose of endometrial cancer is increased production of estrogen (female sex hormone). Conversely, P-pill combination of the type a protective effect.

The disease is very rare before 40 years of age, and most cases are discovered in 60 years of age. There was discovered around. 600 new cases each year.

Symptoms of cancer of the uterus

The most common symptom is bleeding in postmenopausal women. In women of childbearing potential is the most common symptom sudden heavy bleeding, but bleeding between menstrual periods may be the only symptom.

Some women experience vaginal discharge of an uncharacteristically type, often smelly and blodtilblandet, as a result of dying tissue.

Precautions and diagnosis

The suspicion of cancer of the uterus aroused by the above symptoms.
Prepare a gynecological examination, but there is often no findings honor. The diagnosis made by a biopsy of livmoderslimhinden. In addition, used ultrasound, CT or MRI scan to diagnosed the spread (metastasis).

Treatment of cancer of the uterus

Treatment of ovarian cancer consists of surgical removal of ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.

In women, where the operation is not possible, or in addition to endometrial cancer in a late stage, used radiation therapy.
For some women with very advanced cancer, or if there is an otherwise cured the cancer, which has returned, can be used hormone replacement therapy to inhibit the development (but not a cure).

Select and complications

Given that, unlike in ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer have symptoms at an early stage, the cancer usually is detected in an early stage. This forecast is slightly better than for ovarian cancer, but of course depend on the stage.



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