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The woman's ovaries (ovaries) has two functions: to produce eggs to produce female sex hormone, and thus is an important part of the regulations of the female hormone balance (see also article Menstruation, fertility and klimakterium). The steady maturation of eggs makes the ovaries to a body with lots of cell growth, and therefore also a body where the risk of developing tumors (tumors) are bigger than in many other organs. Some of these tumors are malignant (cancer in æggest

The most common types of benign tumors of the ovary are cysts, which is an encapsulated mass (fluid or tissue). Some of these have arisen from the follicles (which mature eggs) or yellow body, and this type of cysts are not regarded as real tumors. That's because the hormone are susceptible and often disappears by itself or through hormone treatment.

Other cysts that are not developed from foliklerne / yellow body, holds some of the features that makes the physician to characterize them as real (benign) tumors. The contents of these cysts vary. Some contain clear liquid, while others contain blood. Some cysts containing a completely different type of tissue than is normally found in the ovaries, for example, hair, bones and teeth, skjoldbruskkirtelvæv or something completely fifth. Such cysts called dermoidcyster and often known under the name

A variant of ovarian cysts, the cysts that are seen in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO).

Finally, there are solid tumors (ie fixed, not an encapsulation of liquid). These are usually developed more slowly than the cysts (years as opposed to months).

The reason for the development of the different types of cysts and tumors are not known.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts (and benign tumors)

The symptoms can vary, depending on the characteristics of tumors.

  • Some women experience no genes from the tumor / cyst, but has a feeling that their stomach has grown, often by those unable to care for their trousers. This is because some tumors do not give pain, but can grow quite large (tennis ball, handball, football). Increased filling of the stomach can also be caused by fluid in the abdominal cavity, which is excreted in connection with the tumor.

  • The increased mass in the abdominal cavity (tumor / cyst or fluid) can also give local pressure symptoms, for instance. be frequent urination (click on the bladder), constipation (click on the intestine) or blood clots in the legs and swelling of the legs (by pressing the tank).

  • Some tumors / cysts can be stemmed, in other words. they sit on the outside of the egg-stick on a small stalk. If the tumor / cyst rotates around its own axis, whereby the stalk is twisted, blood will flow to the tumor / cyst reduced, and developed a sudden sharp pain in the abdomen. Often, these pain preceded by tours show pain. This condition is called atorkveretcyst.

  • Some cysts in the ovaries (the hormone-dependent, as occurs in the follicles and the yellow body) can cause bleeding. This bleeding does not need to be particularly high, but can give great pain.

Precautions, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts (and benign tumors)

If you experience any of the above symptoms should contact their doctor. In consultation with your doctor will schedule further explanation.

The doctor will usually even perform a gynecological examination, which may lead him towards a diagnosis and provide a basis for further investigation.

The doctor will pay attention to is whether there is soreness, and he can feel a magnification of one or both ovaries.

If the doctor finds indication he will refer the woman to a gynecologist or a hospital, which can perform an ultrasound scan. This is carried out either by ultrasound head placed outside the abdomen, or the introduction of the vagina.

If the ultrasound scan found a tumor or cyst, your doctor will either choose to refer to the removal of this or a biopsy. If the tumor to be removed, it will usually be done by a so-called laparaskopisk operation. It will say that it is removed through a telescope and pliers through small holes in the stomach, rather than a truly open surgery.

In the case of a cyst may be the choice (depending on age and ultrasound findings) have to follow cysts with ultrasound a few months and possibly. start a hormone treatment because follikelcyster and cysts from the yellow body will often shrink it.

Select and complications

Some cysts and tumors can develop into a real cancer of the ovary. Therefore followed women with cysts and tumors close, and some will be removed. Especially older women tend to develop cancer of the ovary.

If a cyst torkverer (see above), and not be operated on by decomposition can cause an acute and potentially fatal inflammation of the abdominal cavity (peritonitis).


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