Definition and cause

There are several reasons for that, contraction may be absent. For practical reasons divides Monday default of menstruation in 3 categories:

  • Primary amenorrheais among the young girl / woman who has not yet had her first menstrual period (menarche) at an age when contraction usually starts.

  • Menostasiis a condition in which the woman has had regular menstruation, but this has now been delayed for longer than 1-2 weeks. This can be seen as a cessation of contraction.

  • Secondary amenorrheais a condition in which the woman has not had menstruation for more than 6 months. Ie you talk about genuine menstruation stops.

This division of defaulted contraction is useful when you have to separate the reasons for default of menstruation.

Default of menstruation among the young girl who has not yet received the first menstruation (Primary amenorrhea).
In the Western world (including Denmark) is the average age at the time where the girl will have her first menstrual period, 13 years. Of course, there is a considerable variation. If the girl did not receive its first menstruation at the age of 16 years, she has primary amenorrhea, and it is in this age typically will try to look for an explanation.

Causes of primary amenorrhea

Not just sick (non-pathological)

  • Contraction starting point is mentioned very variable, so it is not necessarily sick that the girl did not receive its first menstrual period in 16 years of age. This condition is called constitutional delay. It should be noted that this is often hereditary, so it can be beneficial to ask the mother when she saw her first menstruation.

  • Some medicines can affect women's hormonal balance, so it is very important to tell your doctor if you take any medication - including medicines and herbal remedies.

Sick Ever (pathological)
This is due mostly to a change in hormone balance.

  • Eliteidræt can have an inhibitory effect on hormone secretion, why young girls who grow eliteidræt, often get their menstrual later and usually in connection with a break or stop in sports performance. The mode can be compared with eating disorders (anorexia nervosa or bulimia), while girls with these disorders often do not get to the menstrual period, and these diseases cause the same shift in hormone balance.

  • Disorders of metabolism, which often are related to the thyroid (thyroid) or disorders of the adrenal glands that can also give change in menstrual markets. Disorders of the ovaries (ovaries), such as cysts may also inhibit the contraction.

Genetic causes are among the rarer causes of primary amenorrhea, but yet must be mentioned.

  • Girls born with the so-calledTurner syndromewill not have menstrual periods. Similarly, other hereditary diseases or mutations of various types give rise to non-menstrual.

Reasons for menostasi and secondary amenorrhea

  • Some of the reasons why menstruation are absent in women with a history of regular menstruation, is the same as above. The hormonal changes that may be associated with eliteidræt and refusal to eat may also cause the contraction absent in women with an otherwise regular menstrual periods.

  • Similarly, the medicine also influence the contraction of these women. A special group, however, deserves to be mentioned: If women who take the contraceptive pill is not on hiatus at the end of the package, but forstætter on a new package, they will not get any bleeding. The same effect can be seen using hormone spirals.

  • Two obvious reasons for stopping bleeding in women who have had regular contraction is respectively. menopause (menopause / menopause) and pregnancy.

  • Finally, there is a group of cancers of the ovaries, uterus and cervix, which may cause menstrual disorders.

Symptoms of non-menstrual

Primary amenorrhea
In the young girl should pay attention to follow the symptoms that may be related to the reason for the lack of menstruation.
If the girl's body has not begun to develop female traits, ie. development of breasts, kønsbehåring and female fat distribution, may lack due to late development, or the cause may be eliteidræt.
It should be noted that there has been significant weight loss, and the girl appears to be under strength.

Secondary amenorrhea and menostasi
Many women are unaware that they are pregnant before they have had two or more defaulting contraction. Therefore, it is always appropriate to reflect the idea that you can be pregnant. It is very important in this context that we remember that no types of contraception is 100% safe, and that it therefore can be pregnant, whether you have used the contraceptive pill, condom or other types of contraception.

Here's pregnancy test, which can be obtained at the pharmacy and eventually in some supermarkets, an ideal tool (remember to read the directions).
Another reason is the menopause (menopause / menopause).

Common symptoms
Since the catamenials default in itself is not a disease but can be a symptom of a disease, but is often linked with a number of other symptoms. It should be particularly aware of the pain from the abdomen, but it must also be aware of the symptoms of metabolic disorders.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have defaulted menstruation, whether you are a girl aged 16 who have not experienced the first menstruation, or you have a history of menstruation, should contact their doctor (whose absence is at more than 1-2 weeks after the expected menstrual ).

Since the development of the female body starts before contraction, should contact their doctor if they have not started to develop breasts, kønsbehåring or female fat when you are 14 years. However, it is important to remember that this development is very individual, and that there usually are no illness behind.

Since non-menstrual often is one of several symptoms depends investigations to be done, of what are the other symptoms, and the woman's age. This information is together some guidelines that may cause suspicion of diseases that must confirm or rebutted by various studies.

This can be:

  • A gynecological examination, possibly. can give suspected inflammation or pregnancy. This can be complemented with a tissue.

  • Urine by suspected pregnancy.

  • Blood tests can detect metabolic conditions.

  • Ultrasound, which can detect the presence or absence of tumor.

Typically you will start with a gynecological examination and a pregnancy test. If these are not something you will typically wait for further studies, for the next menstrual period should have taken place. It is important to remember that in this period may still become pregnant, and contraception should be used if this is not desired.

Treatment of non-menstrual

The treatment of non-menstrual is not unique, but depends on the condition or disease, which it is based. Therefore referred to the relevant diseases section, a woman's disease.


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