Who should have the hormone treatment?



Some would argue that all women who have one or more of the symptoms / genes, as indicated in Fig. 1 (read here) at least should be offered some form of hormone treatment. What kind of treatment that is right for every woman, she should discuss either with his medical practice or his gynecologist. There are a lot of different ways to give hormones on.


For 'general' treatment are tablets, patches, gels and nasal sprays. For 'local' treatment in the vagina are suppository, tablets, creams and a small ring, you can configure. Pt are about 30 different preparations, which contain either one female sex hormone - estrogen or both hormones, so both estrogen and gestagenic. Gestagenic similar to the hormone that makes the ovaries after ægløsni

Quite short, one could say that women who received uterus removed, just one hormone - estrogen, while women who have their uterus intact, must have both estrogen as gestagenic. This is because the risk of developing cancer of the uterus if estrogen is given alone for long periods. Estrogen may be given alone as a topical treatment in the vagina. This is especially useful if the problem is' local ', for example.


Women who smoke have a special problem, because about half of women in menopause are smokers, it is important to tell your doctor about it. In fact smokers transformed most of the hormone, which is given as tablets to non active substance in the liver. There will not be the same power against such. knogleafkalkning. Smokers can be usefully used estrogen absorbed directly through the skin (and thus avoid crossing in the liver), for example. patch or gel el


Whether you need a treatment that gives menstruation or not depends somewhat on how many years you are from its own menopause. Is it about 1-2 years ago even had menstruation, you get a blødningsfri treatment, or it must be for a period up with a bleeding every or every other month.


Advantages and Disadvantages



Before you decide to hormone treatment, it is important to offset the advantages and disadvantages against each other.


Benefits of hormone treatment



  • Removes heat rises and sweat tours

  • Normalized mucous membranes in the vagina and urinary tract

  • Assists in urination symptoms

  • Prevents bone degeneration

  • Prevents cancers of the colon

  • Enhances quality of life

If you choose hormone treatment, you should go to the doctor regularly, the first time after 3 months, then about once a year (Figure 6). Follow the recommendations, the tumors, both benign as malignant, discovered early. In some counties are women 50: e invited for mammography, others may even ask their doctor to be referred, or even visit a radiology clinic. Preferably be conducted as


Routine Check by hormone treatment

Gynecological examination
Ultrasound scanning of abdominal
Cell test cervical
Extraction / udskrabning
Blood pressure measurement
Breast Examination
Mammography with ultrasound scan
If treatment for> 10 years
Breast cancer in close relatives
Every 3-5 years
By unexpected bleeding
Every two years


Disadvantages of hormone treatment



Most problems appear during the first 3 months after start of treatment. The most common gene is bleeding disorder, caused by the body to be found in the organization with "external shocks". One should of course rule out other causes of bleeding, for example. fibromer, polyps, inflammation, a forgotten spiral wound on the cervix and cancer of the abdomen.

Some complaints at the beginning of headache and weight gain, both tend to disappear quickly. Finally, a slightly increased incidence of blood clot in the leg - about one case per 5000 women / year.

After the latest results are recommended to try to stop hormones after 4-5 years. Are not try to get women back on the low dose as possible and preferably by blødningsfri treatment or even better pure estrogen in combination with hormone spiral.


Cancer in women



The most common forms of cancer in women is breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and colon cancer. The only two forms of cancer, which we associate with hormone treatment is breast cancer and cancer of the uterus (not to be confus



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