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Many women experience during their lifetime to find a knot orsomething in the breast. In the vast majority of cases are benign findings. Yet most women seek medical advice if they find a lump in the breast, because they rightly fear it could be breast cancer.

These loops can be of different origins:

  • Cyst in the chest, a cavity formed in breast tissue that contains a watery liquid.

  • Abscess in the chest due to inflammation in the chest.

  • Fibroadenomatose, a growth of both kirtelvæv and transforming Volume tissue, which makes it harder.

  • Benign tumor (fibroids).

  • Breast cancer.

The following are cysts, fibroadenomatose and the benign tumor, since symptoms and prognosis of these three states have some common features. For construction of the female breast see here.

By fibroadenomatose and benign tumors seen growth of both kirtelvæv (the milk-forming tissues) and connective tissue (the tissue surrounding mælkekirtlerne). Thus can form loops across the chest. The difference is that the growth of fibroadenomatose is more diffuse, and it feels more gritty when marks on the chest in relation to the benign tumors that are more robust.

Symptoms of a tumor in the breast

As mentioned recalls the three diseases in this section (cysts, fibroadenomatose and benign tumors) on each other. Cysts and the benign tumor can be felt very similar, cysts may be a little softer. Women with fibroadenomatose often tense sore breasts up to menstruation, which decreases by menstruation begins. The pains are mostly in the upper part of the chest onto the page.

Common to the three knots is that they feel like a lot that can slip between our fingers, and that they are not bound to the skin or chest muscle in depth. They are therefore moving freely.

Precautions and diagnosis of a tumor in the breast

If a woman finds a lump in the breast, she should contact their doctor.
He will examine the chest and depending on his assessment of the Gordian knot and the woman's age, he may choose to refer the woman for a mammogram and tripeldiagnostik. Many young girls / women find hardness in their breasts while they are still under development. This is usually quite normal.

The determination of a tumor in the breast resting on mammography and tripeldiagnostik going on at a hospital. There are findings from these studies that determine the action taken.

Consideration of a tumor in the breast

Depending on what the doctors at the hospital found by tripeltesten, treatment can vary.

In the case of a cyst in the chest, will be examining these ultrasound guided discharge, where the liquid pulled out with a syringe. The content is sent to the pathology department, where the liquid chemical and examined under a microscope.

Fibroadenomatose removed generally do not. Are genes violent, that is. if there are a lot of pain up to contraction, your doctor may choose to start treatment with a hormone (prolactin).

If all three studies by tripelttesten shows that there is a benign tumor, will not take any further action.

Is there just one of the studies that suggest something else, remove the Gordian knot, and further treatment depends on the examination of the removed node shows cancer of the breast.

Women with fibroadenomatose may otherwise want to use the BH with more support in the period around their menstruation, when breasts are more sore.

Prevention of tumor of the breast

It advised women to the regular brands through their breasts for emerging knots. I must just add that the tumor of the armpit rare in itself has a meaning. These can be enlarged lymph nodes, which was observed by example. a flu. The study can be done just before you go to bed and do not take more than a few minutes. Therefore, most could find time for it once a week. That this can not be emphasized enough supported by the fact that one of the factors which increase

Any woman who finds a new onset knot in my chest, should contact their doctor. It is rare that the Gordian knot caused cancer, but it should still be cancer, it's best that it be discovered in time, since the treatment results here are much better.

Select and complications

Most cysts disappear after they have been emptied, but each recovered. Since these cysts tend to keep restored, you will often choose to remove a cyst in operation over to empty it with a syringe.

Genes from fibroadenomatose generally at menopause (the woman's last menstrual period). Often followed these women more closely, since they may have an increased risk of developing cancer.

The benign tumors usually disappears by menopause.






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