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Most diseases of the nipples are not serious, and usually only minor discomfort, possibly. in the form of cosmetic nuisance. Sometimes the symptoms from the breasts be a sign of serious underlying disease.

Elimination of secretions

This may be due galaktoré where, as a result of a hormonal disorder secreted milk.

Are secretions rather dark red or brownish, it may be because blodtilblanding, as a result of benign tumors or breast cancer. One should examine secretions and note whether it separated from one or both breasts, and on Monday has turned the chest.

You should always consult a doctor if you begin to excrete fluid from the nipple (and not just going to feed or breastfeeding). By blodtilblandet secretions, your doctor will usually pass for a woman tripeltest.

Introverted nipples

Some women have had since puberty introverted nipples. This poses no danger, but it can hamper a subsequent lactation.
If nipples do not have been introverted since puberty, and the state is emerging, it may be a sign of benign tumors or breast cancer, and the woman must seek medical attention.

Cracks in the nipples of

Is often a complication of breastfeeding. See also breast-feeding problems, breast abscesses (brystabsces) and breast inflammation (mastitis).

Talgcyster and furunkler in and around the pigmented area around the nipple

In the pigmented area around the nipple are many oil glands. If the outputs of those stopped for, can form talgcyster. If in such a cyst is indvækst of bacteria that can form furunkler or carbuncles. Treatment of these are as at other places on the body.

Paget's disease of the nipple (Paget's disease of the nipple)

Is a special variant of breast cancer, where cancerous cells in mælkekirtlerne (see breasts) grows into the skin, and gives examples on and around the nipple. This gives an itchy / burning sensation in the chest, and there may be wounds that do not heal. It is important to get treated condition, as cancer cells do not grow in depth and thus becomes harder to treat.

Determination and the treatment does not differ greatly from breast cancer.



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