The woman's breast is constructed of mælkekirtler that as the grape bunches arelocated in the breast center, and as a result of a transmission system that will meet the nipple. This is located in front of the chest, surrounded by a brownish area. There are around 20 segments of the breasts. Mælkekirtelvævet is surrounded by fat tissue, kept together and separated by bindevævsblade.

The young girl's chest begins a few years before her first menstrual period (menarchen), ie. like in 11-14 years of age, to grow. The female hormone estrogen affects both mælkekirtelvæv and fat tissue to grow until your chest gets its distinctive shape. During this period, the breast may be sore.

The breast tissue is significantly influence of hormones, marks the woman often up to contraction, where they may be sore. During pregnancy brystkirtlernes changing the look and feel, due to the influence of female hormones, they grow and develop to produce milk. See also pregnancy and childbirth.

Breast is the seat of one of the most dreaded diseases in women with breast cancer. To reduce these risks, and to capture a possible. early stage of breast cancer, it is important that the woman regularly brands his breasts through the knots.




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