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Especially during breast-feeding woman's breast may be vulnerable to infections. This is partly due to the physical wear on the nipple and the skin effect around during breast-feeding, and the repeated vådgøring and drained of the nipple. This gives small cracks that can be a gateway for bacteria, which can spread to mælkekirtlerne. In and around mælkekirtlerne can form a diffuse inflammation (chest inflammation or mastitis), or can be developed abscesses (breast abscess or br

Symptoms of breast abscesses and chest inflammation

There may in the skin around the nipple seen a flushed, and often can be a little warmer chest than the other. In addition, the breast usually be very sore. Breast Inflammation may, but need not, make the chest a little harder to feel. Abscesses can, if they are not too deeply, feels like a sore displaced mass. In addition, women often fever.

Precautions and diagnosis of breast abscesses and chest inflammation

The diagnosis is usually made on the clinical picture, ie. the information the patient gives, and the doctor had to make observations (see above symptoms). It may be necessary to carry out an ultrasound scan of the chest where the abscess can be seen.

Treatment of breast abscesses and chest inflammation

The treatment of breast inflammation, which is not really a pusansamling (accumulation of inflammatory material), then a boil / abscess, treated with antibiotics.

Breast abscess must be frequently emptied of pus, which may be done with a needle and syringe if they are superficial, or maybe. a cut with a scalpel. If the abscess is deeper, it may be necessary to make the discharge guided by ultrasound.

Usually it is not necessary to stop breast-feeding, which can be continued at the modsidige chest. However, it is important to make a complete discharge of milk on the affected breast.

The prevention of breast abscesses and chest inflammation

The main form of prevention is good hygiene and around the breasts. In addition, it helps to keep skin smooth, using bold creams.

If the woman has been sensitive nipples, which tend to burst, she can apply zinc ointment, which makes healing faster.
Some women find it works soothing to use shells with a little zinc ointment in. clam shell stored in the refrigerator and put across the nipple. (If you even find clam shells, they must first be cleaned properly and cooked).

See also breast-feeding problems.


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