In recent years there has been an increasing focus on the consumption of drugs among young people. Increased availability, greater choice and lower prices are some of the main reasons why more and more young people Roder himself into dangerous and no less expensive abuse. But the better approach to drugs is only one explanation why so many young people find it attractive to use drugs. Therefore, it is important for parents to understand why young people begin to experiment with drugs,

Reasons to young people taking drugs:

  1. Curiosity - Young people today are extremely focused on try something new. The motive for experimenting with drugs is too many to find out what it is for something in her own body. Most young people know that it is dangerous, but at the same time, many a sense of immortality, which reduces nervøsiteten to try it. Restlessness and boredom can trigger a dangerous curiosity that can lead to an addiction.

  2. Effect of friends - The myth that only young people from the congested environments in large cities, there are drug users, are not modern anymore. It is true that in some urban environments - particularly around techno discos - is a higher consumption of and easier access to hard drugs. But conversely, the police experience that young people's consumption of substances found in the entire country, and that drugs are always available, no matter where you are today. Will they have a substance, it is just a s

  3. Peer pressure - If your friends are drug users, young people feel themselves easily out if they have not tried it. Social acceptance and recognition is important in adolescence, which still is developing its identity and personal boundaries. Often it can work more important for a teenager to be a part of the group, than to follow common sense. At the same time, a narcotic a loss of inhibitions, which leads many to see that they are more charming and freedom in getting together with friends.

  4. Ungdomsoprør - Young people have constantly to know from teachers and parents that they should stay away from drugs. For some, this has the opposite effect and make it attractive to test a drug in pure protest.

  5. Modefænomen - Drug use may be part of a fashion, which also includes music, clothing and social activities.

  6. To feel suset - It may be a more pleasant way to experience intoxication than with alcohol. Many young people do not like alcohol, and find compensation in drugs.

Many parents fear that their child will come out in an abuse and is thinking about what to do if the situation were to arise. It is one of the most difficult situations that you can stand in as parents. Young people, from they reach the age of 13-14 years, is in a process of secession from the parents, where they feel alienated from their parents. Therefore, it may be difficult for the individual parent to assess the student's mind and problems. Conversely, parents act upon

After you as a parent have been confirmed to an abuse:

  1. The parent must initiate a conversation with the young people of his concerns and offer his help. You have to consider how the conversation should happen and what will come out of the conversation, so the result not in futile anger, but instead takes place in an atmosphere where it is possible to meet.

  2. If you can talk to the youth about it, I must together identify the drugs it is about and how large the scope is.

  3. The parent must require the conclusion of a cooperation on the need for a change.

  4. Try to examine how and with whom, it happens. There may, for example. have friends who have it like your child.

  5. If there are more young people involved, may be established cooperation with other parents. The same can be done with school, youth club, etc. Teachers, educators and club personnel can help to support the young people, but it must always be done in collaboration with the young, it is all about.

  6. Do not accept empty promises, trips and the like. There must be a realistic cooperation on the problem. Remember to follow up on agreements - set like concrete time and deadlines.

  7. If substance abuse has led to dependency, would typically be needed professional help.

  8. If I can not change the problem together, I must seek professional help. Do not take that as a failure to ask for help. It is your child's future, it is all about.

  9. Determine what treatment options there are in your local area. It is like both services in the regions and municipality. Take therefore contact with social management and talk to them about the problem.


This article is published on 30.11.05.



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