Reasons for removal of the gallbladder

The most common reason why you have to get away gallbladder surgery are gallstones, which cause great pain if they pass through or is stuck in the bile ducts from the gallbladder to the intestine. Repeated gallstone seizures may inflammation of the gallbladder, which can also be an indication for removal of the gallbladder. If inflammation is emerging, will often remove the gallbladder quickly, while a cholecystitis, which has been going on for many days, can be teknisen

Many people have gall bladder stones, without having any symptoms. These can be detected as a random finding, in the context of other studies.
Whether there is an indication to remove the gallbladder in patients with gallstone pain, is an individual assessment, and based on hypigheden of pain, and whether it is debilitating for the patient and patient's age and general health.

The operation is in full anesthesia. There is usually 4 small cuts in the skin, one of which sits in the navel, while the other three may vary in location. Through one hole introduces a laparaskop (also called a telescope), which is a thin metal rod with a camera that is connected to TV monitors. The camera and instruments to the operation entering through the gates, which are thin tubes with air locks, which was the first placed in the holes in the abdominal wall. When the first port is located, blown up in the belly


When all 4 holes are created and ports are located, it can be thin instruments hold, cut, burn and clip into the tissue inside the abdominal cavity, while we see it all on display through binoculars. Gallbladder stuck, and it dissikerer tanks and bile aisle free so that you have a good overview, before you put paper clips on blood vessels and bile, which can cut. Finally, the entire gallbladder removed from life's underside, where it is located. Sometimes it's necessary because ga

When the operator is satisfied that it does not bleed, and there is galdelæk ends the operation. The air taken out, the instruments are removed and the holes in the skin and deeper layers of the abdominal wall is closed. Stingere put in the skin can be removed from the patient's own doctor.

The rule can be patient go home the same day or the day after, if there have been no complications.

Complications for the removal of the gallbladder
Like all other operations, there are risks in getting removed his gall bladder. These are always (as with other operations) offset in relation to the genes that are about to have gallstone attack. The most common surgery complications are bleeding, infection and pain in the scar. The operation is relatively small, and the risk of the first two complications are usually quite limited. Similarly, arsmerter not so frequent at the removal of the gallbladder. By gall bladder operations are

It is not all that has been plagued by gallstone pains, which is painless to get rid of the gallbladder. Some have continued tendency to form stones, which can deliver genes. Most, however, have good benefits from the operation and experience significant improvement or cessation of their symptoms afterwards.



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