Bloody vomiting may be due to a number of states - harmless as dangerous. If you are experiencing vomiting with fresh blood, you should immediately contact a doctor.

The reasons may be:

  • Bleeding ulcer.

  • Bleeding from varicose vein in the esophagus.

  • Cancer of the stomach.

  • Bleeding from the lower part of esophagus, the transition to the stomach, due to repeated vomiting.

The last of the four above, particularly among younger people, especially in connection with high alcohol intake with repeated vomiting as a result. Mode, calledMallory Weiss lesion, Is completely harmless and is due to mechanical influences (scratches) in the lower part of the esophagus.

Bleeding ulcer, and especially bleeding varicose vein in your esophagus can lead to very severe bleeding, which can be life-threatening, since they can lead to bleeding shock. By vomiting large quantities of blood should be immediately call 112

Blood, who has remained in the stomach for a long time (hours), will lose its red color. Vomiting of this will instead have a look as plain stomach content with coffee grounds in. The rule means that a less bleeding, but it should be taken anyway, because it may be due to ulcers or cancer of the stomach.





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