Tooth Rock

Tooth Rock is a hard coating formed by salts excreted by saliva and is stuck in the coating on teeth. Dental stone is removed by ultrasound, which surfaces found in pieces to small particles. An ultrasound machine vibrates at a frequency of 25,000 cycles per. seconds. When you remove tartar from the teeth, they plastered with a rotating gummikop and polishing paste, so the teeth will have as smooth a surface as possible.

Fill Inger

Prepare fillings to replace tandvæv, who lost as a result of Kari attack or stroke against fortænderne. When filling the visible surfaces of teeth, to use a filling material, which can consist of silicate or a mixture of plastic and porcelain. Amalgams is a significantly more durable material used both in the cheek teeth and the chewing surfaces. We have tried to limit the use of amalgams to reduce mercury releases into the wild, and therefore the user is now also in di


If a tooth is so badly damaged by dental caries, that you can not do it with a filling, you can instead make a crown of the tooth. The level sanded first, so you get a support of healthy tooth substance. In rodbehandlede teeth to make the other hand, a support of gold to anchor the crown.

Kroner to fortænderne made of porcelain or gold. Gold Crowns provided with a white porcelain facade on the side of the teeth, which can be seen. This type of crown called a metal-ceramic crown, or simply MK-crown. In molar area to make money entirely in gold or a cheaper alloy, since they will then become significantly stronger.



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