Missing one or more teeth, creating a space in the tooth row, you can fill it out with a bridge, if the teeth on both sides are sufficiently healthy. In the front of the mouth can be a bridge made of metal-based porcelain, which gives a natural appearance without that you can see the metal. In molar area usually one does that make bridges entirely in gold. Crowns and bridges require good oral hygiene. Kari Attack of the teeth and gingivitis can destroy support the teeth, so you have to take out the bridge.

Tooth Extract Inger

There are many reasons why one can be forced to withdraw a permanent tooth out. The level can be affected by dental caries or as a result of external violence against the tooth. The reason may be that the tooth fixtures of the jaw has been lost because of tooth solution. It also appears that it treats compressed tooth positions by pulling teeth out to make room in the dental arch.

Tooth Extract Inger is under a local anesthetic and is completely pain-free. It must be related to dental care to distinguish between pain and other unpleasant experiences, such as vibrations from the drill or fatigue in the jaw muscles. Stunning hold for a few hours, and then there may be some pain, which may be alleviated by the fact that it is at rest. If it bleeds, we should put together a wound gauze over the wound and clench the bleeding has stopped.


In total tandløshed replaced teeth with a helprotese. Is there still a few teeth left, they can do some good in supporting a partial prosthesis. Helproteser made of acrylic. They are based on the mucous membrane plated GUMMER, which covers the jaw bone and in the mouth kept prosthesis in place of the vacuum that formed during the prosthesis. Partialproteser kept in place partly by the mucous membranes, and of the remaining teeth. Prosthesis also supported by brackets around the teeth.



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