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To serve the body needs nutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals absorbed by different mechanisms in different locations in the small intestine. Tyndtarmens surface is huge (nearly 200 square meters), and these offer the best opportunities to extract nutrients from food.

Malabsorption is a condition in which the recording (absorption) of one or more nutrients is prevented. This may be due to defects in several mechanisms. First, there may be problems with the pancreas, and hence the formation of digestive enzymes, and the surface of the intestine may be reduced for different reasons. Additionally, there may be defects in some of the enzymes, which sits in tyndtarmens mucosa.

By far the most common type of malabsorption are Lactose intolerance. Next comes the reduced function of the pancreas, celiac disease and the removal of parts of the gut (for example. By Crohn's disease) or removal of the stomach.

Symptoms of malabsorption

First, the symptoms are different depending on which / what nutrients lacking, and there may be many degrees of malabsorption. This may involve only a small deficit of a substance or complete absence. The most common symptoms are:

  • Fatigue.

  • Poor digestion.

  • Weight loss.

  • Paleness.

  • Increased number of stools per day.

  • Edema (væskeudtrædning various parts of the body, which can be viewed by many problems - in this regard due to lack of protein).

  • Reduced growth development in children (by severe malabsorption).

Precautions and diagnosis

The above symptoms over an extended period should consult a doctor. At the doctor will typically have blood tests that can detect the absence of most vitamins and minerals. There are specific tests that can detect defects on the remaining vitamins and minerals (see vitamin and mineral deficiency and anemia caused by lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid).

Additionally accrue Monday stools over three days and determines the amount of stool. It also looks at the fat content. This will determine if there is a problem with fat absorption.

To investigate malabsorption of carbohydrates performs Monday called load tests, which filed a substance (eg. Lactose (milk sugar)) and then look at blood sugar and any subsequent symptoms.

Isolated proteinmalabsorption are rare.

Finally, it may be necessary to examine the mucous membranes of the small intestine at a kikkertundersøgelse combined with the removal of a tissue (biopsy).

Treatment of malabsorption

The treatment is entirely dependent on what kind of malabsorption, which is what it is due, and where it is located. It goes after removing or treating the underlying cause (for example. Treating disease of the pancreas or removal of lactose (by Lactose intolerance) or gluten (by celiac disease) from the diet. In cases where it is not possible to treat underlying cause , Must be given dietary supplements with the appropriate nutrients, as supply increases and




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