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Dead-end arm (appendix vermifomis) is a small worm-shaped appendage on the intestine at the transition between Small intestine and colon. Dead-end arm is a relic from the past stages of development, and we do not believe blindly arm have any significant function in humans. Some believe that it plays a small role in the immune system, but this is controversial.

It is not entirely clear why you get appendicitis, but formed an inflammation of the blind arm, probably caused by some of the bacteria normally found in the gut.

The disease is frequent, and in Denmark carried out 12,000 operations for appendicitis each year. The disease is most common in 8 to 25 years of age, and frames rarely children under two years.

Symptoms of appendicitis

The symptoms can be uncharacteristically, but often have a specific course:

  • Sudden onset of pain around the navel. Within a few hours exacerbated the pain and move downward and onto the right side. They are exacerbated by movement.

  • Temperature Increase (though not always).

  • Nausea and possible. vomiting.

  • Decreased appetite.

  • Tenderness of cough

  • Direct and indirect tenderness, that is. it hurts nedadtil the right side of the abdomen when pressed on the spot, but when pressed in the opposite side of the abdomen.

  • Constipation or diarrhea is also seen.

Precautions and diagnosis

By the sudden onset of great pain to move, you should immediately seek medical attention. It should not take painkillers because it can mitigate symptoms and may make the disease can develop unnoticed.

In the classic cases, the doctor makes a diagnosis of mild symptoms. There is often also a blood test and produced a urine examination. In case of doubt can be complemented by an ultrasound test or an X-ray with contrast. Women of childbearing age have also made a gynecological examination.

Treatment of appendicitis

The treatment is an operation in which blind is removed. This can be done without side effects, then blindly arm as mentioned has no significant function. But since there is a 100%-wide study of appendicitis, it is not rare for the belly open, and there is a healthy appendix. Some doctors choose to remove it anyway to avoid any appeal. future appendicitis.

Earlier removed always blindly arm in relation to other operations in the abdomen. Thus one could expect that people with scars in the abdomen had no appendicitis. This practice is no longer appropriate.

After the operation can usually be printed within a few days, as soon as there is momentum in the stomach and intestines again.

Select and complications

Appendicitis is an acute condition that requires prompt surgery. If there is a long time, the risk that blind arm bursting with bacteria into the abdominal cavity and peritonitis as a result.

Sometimes formed after the flaw tion to blindly arm calledperiappendikulærabscess, There is a boil outside blindly arm. This is treated with antibiotics. Often you need to be treated several times since abscesses tend to recur.




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