The liver is located in the upper right part of the abdominal cavity, and the left part of the liver crossing the center line and extends slightly over in the left part. In life's lower surface is embedded gallbladder. It lies in the right portion of the abdominal cavity, in the bottom ribbenskurvaturer. Behind the left part of the liver is the stomach and the first part of the intestine (gut), which from the stomach to form a fling with the arc to right. In the concave part of the arc, in the stomach, pancreas is to embed

The liver and pancreas provides both substances that help the digestion and absorption of food in the gut.


In addition, many liver decomposed waste. This includes degradation products from the hemoglobin molecule of red blood cells that break down the bilirubin. This is excreted in bile, and it is that color brown stool.

The liver also works as a cleaning filter for many other molecules, which included either directly in the blood, or through the intestine. This includes Many drugs and toxic substances, including alcohol. Lastly, the liver in maintaining normal blood sugar because the sugar molecules that are storing long glykogenkæder when blood sugar is high (even after food intake) and releases glucose to the bloodstream when blood sugar is low (less than solid).

Bile System

Bile, produced in the liver, bile salts, which binds to fat in the intestine, and improves the enzymatic digestion of fats in the intestine, thus recording of intestinal mucosa.

Bile collected in the small bile times inside the liver, which runs along the increasingly bile times, to meet in a primary bile flowing down towards the pancreas, and then into the gut. Either outcome alone in the intestine, or (more often) after combined with pancreasgangen, which is the expiry time from the pancreas (see below).

During (at the beginning of the large bile, just below the liver) bile ducts are connected to the gallbladder. Gallbladder is a function of the reservoir, and this kept the bile, produced in the liver, to be released into the gut after food intake. When there is food in the gut, the gall bladder wall itself together and release bile.


In the pancreas (pancreatic) formed a number of hormones, which helps to maintain inter alia a normal blood sugar. Some of the cells in the pancreas produces insulin, and reduced function of these can lead to insulin dependent diabetes. In addition, the pancreas produces enzymes that breaks down sugars, proteins and fats, which are taken with food. The enzymes are transported as pancreas juice through pancreasgangen to the gut, where it mixed with food.
Pancreas is divided into caput (head), corpus (body) and cauda (tail).





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