The Third Molar, which is furthest back in the tooth row, called wisdom teeth. The break in most cases only be in 17-21 years of age. Many people, however, lacks facilities for one or more wisdom teeth. Wisdom Teeth erpå in no way inferior in quality than other teeth, but because their location is the hard to keep clean and thus often attacked by caries. Wisdom Teeth are also difficult to treat because it is hard to get to the rear instruments in the oral cavity. Therefore usual Monday

It happens too often that wisdom teeth do not like rather adequately, but are stuck in the crown of the other Molar. In these cases, forming gums a deep pocket around the wisdom tooth. In his pocket is easy to end up leftovers, since giving rise to bacteria. The bacteria attack the gums around wisdom tooth and cause a painful inflammation, perikoronitis. Besides pain comes when perikoronitis also a swelling around the tooth, and you get a bad taste in your mouth. Has there been such sympt

Wisdom teeth may also lie down in the jaw, so they do not break up. This leads sometimes to the jaw bone behind the other molarer lost. It provides in most cases no symptoms but can be detected by an X-ray of the teeth.


By perikoronitis can while waiting for treatment, try to clean up the partially collapsed visdomstand and rinse your mouth with a slightly salty, warm water or klorhexiden.

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