Power's job is to chew food into pieces and mix it with saliva to promote the swallowing process and the depletion of nutrients. Despite its lifeless appearance of the teeth are living structures as much as other organs in the body. M idt inside a tooth cavity, which contains the tooth blood vessels and nerves - pulp.

Nerves are sensitive to heat, cold, pressure and pain. Pulp is surrounded by a hard substance, dentin. The portion of the tooth, which lies upstream of the gums, tooth crown, is coated with an even harder substance enamel. Tooth root is covered with cement. The meat ends Tooth close around each tooth and turn their roots sit in the hollow of the jaw bone.

A shock damping tissues, periodontium or rodhinden, notice each tooth to the jaw bone and prevent the vibrations generated by tygningen reproductive to the skull.

Enamel is the hardest body tissue, but can still harmed by bacteria that live in the mouth, where they form acids, as corrosive enamel. This ætsningsproces is the cause of dental caries. If Kari attack is not treated, it goes through dentinet and when finally pulp. This means that there is inflammation of the pulp, which then dies, and the bacteria spread further through the canals and inflammation in rodspidserne and surrounding bone.

Caries due to bacteria on the teeth converts the sugars we eat with acid. To prevent the harmful effects of dental caries and diseases of the gums, we should maintain good oral hygiene, reduce the intake of foods containing sticky sugars and regularly let a dentist to examine teeth.



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