A rodabscess is an infection around rodspidsen in the jaw bone. Infection is flowing into the jaw bone, resulting in a pusfyldt cavities by rokanalens mouth. A rodabscess occurs after the pulp is dead as a result of a Kari attack. The bacteria get access to this root canal, where they multiply and also infect the jaw bone.

If a rodabscess allowed to evolve, it finally breaks through the jaw bone and produces an inflammatory abscess in the mouth. Boil, drain gradually through a fistula.


Rodabscesser can often have a chronic course without any symptoms. If the infection suddenly flare up, we will often strong toothache, and the tooth is very sore and impossible to chew with. Once abscesses emptied, you get a taste of inflammation in the mouth, but the pain becomes less and can even move. In severe cases, it also means that the face swell, and neck lymph nodes enlarged. In addition, there may be fever and general ill feeling.


Sheep are not checked his teeth and regularly treated them, it is likely that a Kari attack sooner or later cause the pulp in a tooth dies, and the infection develops into a rodabscess.

Abscesses that break through the jaw bone and spreading in the resolve of tissue in oral precancer rear part is serious and requires urgent treatment. The other rodabscesser should be treated, because they can flare up when the body's resistance to infection is lowered, for example. in connection with colds or other infectious disease.


Get symptoms suggestive of an outbreak of infection around rodspidsen should as quickly as possible to contact his dentist. On holidays you can take to the emergency room or dental and medical help to alleviate the inconvenience.


It may take one or two headache pills, which gives a temporary relief of pain. Have an inflammation abscess developed in the oral mucosa, can accelerate its maturity and ease the pain by holding a hot cloth against your face, which sits abscess. Have abscess drained itself, you can rinse your mouth with a slightly salty, warm water to get the bad taste away.

At the dentist:

By the dentist drilling a hole into the pulp, abscesses can be emptied through canals. Then the pain disappears, since the pressure in abscesses diminished. When pusset finally emptied out of the tooth, cleans Monday root canal and fills the tooth with a product that kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. The level sealable temporarily then, and the process repeated a few days apart, it has had to overcome the infection. Then make a rodfyldning, and you turn back root canal permanently.

Approximately six months after takes an X-ray of rodspidsen and the surrounding bone, thus, in most cases can see that it is to heal, and that new bone formation in the void after abscesses.



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