Loose, artificial teeth or helprotese used when all the natural teeth have been lost. Modern prostheses are made of a plastic material, and the teeth of the prosthesis can be made of plastic or porcelain. A prosthesis can be made very lifelike and very comfortable to wear, but it can never be as good as natural teeth, each of which takes against tyggebevægelsernes pressure because they are elastic anchored in the jaw. A helprotese is stiff and the pressure is received, instead of oral mucosa in p

Helproteser and also partialproteser can easily collect leftovers, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, so mucous membranes during prosthesis affected. Fungal infections can in this way cause thrush. Partialproteser which only rests on each remaining teeth and not kept properly clean, increasing the risk of dental caries and inflammation of the gums around the teeth. It is therefore very important that every day makes prostheses clean, preferably after every meal.

It is common for new prostheses after some time may begin to chafe, despite the fact that they feel comfortable when put into the mouth. Such minor errors are corrected by regular inspection at the dentist.

Gradually changing tissue under the prosthesis, so the gums faded. This leads to prosthesis fit deteriorates, but it happens so slowly that the patient does not always mark it, before the emergence painful gnavsår. Mucous membranes during the prosthesis is often reddish. Also tandproteserne wear down over time, so you have to bite stronger to chew. This is often cast in mundvigene, relax cheeks and an abnormal load of kæbeledene.

Poor oral hygiene is illustrated by various changes in the mucous membranes during prosthesis. There may be white coverings, redness or stinging, depending on the microorganism that causes inflammation.


A prosthesis, which sits poorly, leading to bone tissue in the jaws, which carry the prosthesis, is sinking faster than normal, making it harder to get a new prosthesis to fit. Chronic irritation of the gums can lead to inflammation and sometimes infection.


Even though it has lost all his teeth and has helprotese, one should go regularly to the dentist and get checked prosthesis. If feel loose prosthesis or rodent, should be as soon as possible go to the dentist and get it corrected. Partialproteser have hangers that hold them in place. These brackets can sometimes break and must be replaced, so that prosthesis can again perform well.


Take the prosthesis out at night and store it after cleaning in a glass of water, so the material does not dry out and turn themselves. Partialproteser can sometimes tight when you put them in the morning, but it goes over in a couple of minutes. If you have inflammation of the mouth, it is extra important to keep the prosthesis completely clean. You can use special cleaning solutions for the purpose. Massage the gums and gums with your finger or a soft toothbrush.

At the dentist:

A helprotese should be replaced about every five years. In some cases it may be necessary to quickly change depending on how much of the jaw bone, which remains as support for the prosthesis. You can either create a completely new or put a new floor in the old, so it fits better.



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